Succinic Acid

Succinic Acid

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This Succinic Acid is used as an intermediate in the manufacture of perfumes, lacquers, dyes, photographic chemicals, alkyd resins and plasticizer. Highly acclaimed for its features like long shelf life, purity and accurate composition, it is formulated using best quality compounds. It can also be used as a flavoring agent for food and beverages. Available in varied packaging options at marginal prices, this stock of Succinic Acid is thoroughly checked before its final dispatch.

  • Product Name: Succinic Acid
  • Chemical Names: butanedioic acid, Asuccin, Amber acid, Bernsteinsaure, Katasuccin, Dihydrofumaric acid, Wormwood acid, ethylenesuccinic acid, succinate, Wormwood, Butanedionic acid, Butandisaeure, Acidum succinicum, Kyselina jantarova, Ethylene dicarboxylic acid, Spirit of amber
  • CAS Number: 110-15-6
  • Chemical Formula: C4H6O4
  • Molar Weight: 118.09 g·mol−1
  • Density: 1.56 g/cm3
  • Boiling Point: 235 °C (455 °F; 508 K)
  • Melting Point: 184 °C (363 °F; 457 K)
  • Solubility in Water: 58 g/L (20 °C) or 100 mg/mL
  • Solubility in Ethanol: 54 mg/mL
  • Solubility in Methanol: 158 mg/mL
  • Solubility in Glycerol: 50 mg/mL
  • Solubility in Acetone: 27 mg/mL
  • Solubility in Ether: 8.8 mg/mL
  • Acidity (pKa): pKa1 = 4.2, pKa2 = 5.6
  • Magnetic susceptibility (χ): -57.9·10−6 cm3/mol