Sodium Propionate

Sodium Propionate

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Sodium Propionate is a common food additive. Known as an effective inhibitor of the growth of molds and bacteria, it is preferred for bakery products such as cakes, tortillas, pie fillings etc. Easy to use and highly pure, the use of this additive is ideal because its effective concentrations are low enough that one can't taste it in products. Formulated in compliance with set industry standards under the supervision of professionals, this product is highly appreciated in the market.

  • Product Name: Sodium Propionate
  • Chemical Names: Sodium propanoate, Propionic acid sodium salt, Propanoic acid, sodium salt, Napropion, Ocuseptine, Deketon, Impedex, Keenate, Propiofar, Propion, Propisol, Natriumpropionat
  • CAS Number: 137-40-6
  • Chemical Formula: C3H5O2Na or CH3CH2COONa or C3H5NaO2
  • Molar Weight: 96.060 g/mol
  • Appearance: Transparent crystals
  • Odor: faint acetic-butyric odor
  • Melting Point: 289 °C (552 °F; 562 K)
  • Solubility in water: 1 g/mL
  • Solubility: Ethanol (1 g/24 mL)