Lithium Tetraborate

Lithium Tetraborate

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Lithium Tetraborate is also known as lithium borate. This is the lithium salt of boric acid as well as an ingredient for making ceramics and glasses. It can be utilized in the laboratory as a LB buffer for its use in gel electrophoresis of RNA and DNA. It is also utilized in the borax fusion technique to modify the mineral powder samples for synthesis by WDXRF spectroscopy. Lithium Tetraborate is classified as “acidic” and is generally utilized for the higher concentrations of basic oxide samples having increased proportions of limestone.

Product Specifications:

Product Lithium Tetraborate
CAS No. 12007-60-2
Formula Li2B4O7
Molecular Weight 169.12 g/mol
Density 2.4 g/cm3
Melting Point 917°C
Appearance Powder
Industry Glass, Ceramic, Flux, Metal Refining, Welding
Class Industrial Products, Coating
Function Fluxing, Additive, Flux in enamel, Brazing
Grade Technical, Chemically Pure, Powder, Crystaline, Di hydrate, Anhydrous