Lithium Sulfate

Lithium Sulfate

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Physical Properties:

Lithium Sulfate is a white inorganic salt having the formula Li2SO4. This lithium salt of sulfuric acid is soluble in water, without following the regular tendency of solubility versus temperature. The solubility of this compound in water gets decreased with an increased temperature, as the dissolving if this compound is an endothermic procedure.

Applications of Lithium Sulfate:

1) Used for the treatment of bipolar disorders.
2) Researched as a powerful component of ion conducting glasses.
3) Founded in applications such as solar panels as well as the potential for a new grade of battery.

Product Specifications:

 Lithium Sulfate
 CAS No. 10377-48-7
 Molecular Formula‎ Li2SO4
 Molecular Weight 109.94 g/mol
 2.221 g/cm3
 Melting Point 859 °C
 Boiling point 1,377 °C
 White crystalline solid, hygroscopic