Lithium Pentaborate

Lithium Pentaborate

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Lithium Pentaborate, Li2O.5B2O3.10H2O, CAS NO. 34370-18-8 is used in preparation of detergents, cosmetics and enamel glazes. Formulated using high grade chemical compounds and advanced machines, it is highly appreciated in the market for its long shelf life and balanced composition. It is also used to make buffer solutions in biochemistry, as a fire retardant, as an anti-fungal compound for fibre glass and as an insecticide. We manufacture and exports the best quality lithium pentaborate as per industry standards. Also, prior to final dispatch, this stock of product is stringently checked on various quality parameters.


Product:                  Lithium pentaborate
CAS NO:                 34370-18-8
Molecular Formula:   Li2O.5B2O3.10H2O
Appearance:            Fine Crystalline Powder
Industry:                Ceramic, Glass, Metal Refining, Flux, Welding
Class:                    Coating, Industrial Products
Function:                Additive, Fluxing, Brazing, Flux in enamel
Grade:                   Chemically Pure, Technical, Crystaline, Powder