Lithium Nitride

Lithium Nitride

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Lithium Nitride is chemical compound having the formula Li3N. This is a stable alkali metal nitride, available in a red or purple color with high melting point. It is prepared via the direct accumulation of primary lithium with nitrogen gas.

Reactivity Profile:

This is a strong basic reducing agent, which is incompatible with oxidizing agents such as atmospheric oxygen. Violently uncongenial with acids, especially oxidizing acids, it makes a violent reaction with copper(I) chloride so as to make metallic copper. Lithium Nitride acts exothermically with silicon tetrafluoride and can lead to explosion.

Product Specifications:

Product -               Lithium Nitride
CAS N0 -               26134-62-3
Formula -              Li3N
Molecular Weight -  34.83 g/mol
Density -               1.270 g/cm3
Melting Point -        813 °C
Appearance -         Solid
EINECS-No -          247-475-2