Lithium Hydroxide

Lithium Hydroxide

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Lithium Hydroxide stands as an inorganic compound, which has a chemical formula LiOH. This white hygroscopic crystalline material is soluble in water and is less soluble in ethanol. Commercially accessible in anhydrous form, it is the weakest base among all other alkali metal hydroxides.


1) Applicable as a heat transfer medium as well as as a storage-battery electrolyte.
2) Useful in ceramics as well as some Portland cement formulations.
3) Utilized to alkalize the reactor fluid in pressurized water reactors for making a corrosion control.
4) Lithium Hydroxide is applicative for lithium ion batteries as well as solar panels.
5) Lubricants and grease
6) Applicable as a general-purpose lubricating grease having increased resistance to water.

Product Specifications:

CAS No: 1310-65-2
Chemical Formula LiOH
Molecular Weight 23.95 g/mol
Melting Point 462 ° c
Boiling Point 924 °C
Density 1.46 g/cm3
Appearance hygroscopic white solid; odorless
Application Manufacture of lubricating greases, Electrolyte component in alkaline storage batteries, raw material for other lithium chemicals.

Further Details: 

It is a white hygroscopic material dissolvable in water and slightly capable of disintegration in ethanol. It is available generally in anhydrous and monohydrate (LiOH.H2O) form, both of which are strong bases.

A well known lithium grease is lithium stearate, which is a conventional lubricating grease due to its high resistivity to water and suitability at both high and low temperatures.