Lithium Borate

Lithium Borate

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Lithium borate, also known as lithium tetraborate (Li2B4O7), CAS-No : 12007-60-2 is the lithium salt of boric acid. It is an ingredient that can be use in making glasses and ceramics.

This chemical compound can be used in the laboratory as LB buffer for gel electrophoresis of DNA and RNA. This product is also used in the borax fusion method to vitrify mineral powder specimens for analysis by WDXRF spectroscopy. Naturally occurring lithium tetraborate is known as the mineral diomignite. It is exceedingly rare.


Formula:         Li2B4O7
CAS-No :        12007-60-2
EINECS-No :    236-631-5
Molar mass:    169.11 g/mol
Melting point:  917 °C
Density:         2.4 g/cm³
Application:     Fluxing agent for RFA-sample preparation
Appearance:    white powder