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Hydroiodic Acid

Hydroiodic Acid
Hydroiodic Acid
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Product Description
We offer a superior quality range of Hydroiodic Acid (HI). This substance is an acid formed by aqueous solution of hydrogen iodide and is the most acidic among the hydrohalides. The chemical formula of hydroiodic acid (aq. hydrogen iodide) is HI and its molar mass is 127.91 g/mol. Hydrogen iodide is the gaseous form, while hydroiodic acid is the aqueous solution of HI. They are both interchangeable.

This acid is made available in different packaging options. Our skilled team of professionals process this acid by utilizing supreme quality chemical compounds and innovative formulation techniques in conformity with set international standards. The offered acid finds wide applications in labs and medical centres. In addition to this, we offer this chemical at reasonable prices to the clients.


Hydroiodic acid is prepared in laboratory by reacting iodine (I2) with hydrazine, giving hydrogen iodide and nitrogen gas.

2 I2 + NH2NH2 → 4 HI + N2

Hydroiodic acid is also prepared by bubbling hydrogen sulfide gas through an aqueous solution of iodine.

H2S + I2 → 2 HI + S

At the end of the reaction, HI is distilled to give hydroiodic acid in the desired concentrations.

Chemical Properties:

1) Hydroiodic acid is a strong and reactive acid. It can react violently with ammonia, metal powders, etc., to generate fire and explosions.
2) It is highly corrosive and reacts strongly with bases. It also decomposes on heating to generate toxic fumes, and gets oxidized rapidly in air.


1) Hydroiodic acid is used to form alkyl iodides, an important class of organic compounds, by reacting HI with alkenes or primary alcohols.
2) It is also used as a reducing agent for various industrial purposes.

Health Hazards:

Hydroiodic acid is highly toxic in nature. When it comes in contact with skin and eyes, irritation occurs. It can cause severe eye damage and skin burns. Long-term exposure in low concentrations can also cause adverse health effects.


Product Name : Hydroiodic Acid
CAS No : 10034-85-2
Formula : HI
Molecular Weight : 127.904 g/mol
Density : 2.85 g/mL (-47°C)
Boiling Point : 127 °C (261 °F)
Appearance : Colorless liquid
Odor : Acrid
Solubility in water : Aqueous solution
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