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Bromine is known as a chemical element that has a symbol Br and atomic number 35. It stands as the third-lightest halogen as well as a smoking red-brown fluid at room temperature that can readily evaporate to make a kindred colored gas. In this way, the properties of this chemical element are intermediate between iodine and chlorine. Despite being denser than water, this is easily soluble in water. The liquid form of this compound is volatile and appears reddish-brown. Bromine is known to be incorporated with anti-tumor as well as anesthetic functions.


1) Used in industry for the preparation of organobromo compounds.
2) Used in making dyes, flameproofing agents, fumigants, sanitizes, medicinal products, water purification compounds.
3) Also applicable for making the agents for photography.
4) Useful for the preparation of brominates and vegetable oil.
5) Utilized as an emulsifier in various citrus-flavoured solft drinks.

Other Details:

Organics & Inorganics Bromide Compound & its Derivatives :--
Lithium Bromide Zinc Bromide
Nickel Bromide Potassium Bromide
Chrome Bromide Ammonium Bromide
Hydrobromic Acid Calcium Bromide
Alkyl Bromide Compounds :---
n- Propyl Bromide iso - Propyl Bromide
n - Butyl Bromide iso - Butyl Bromide
tert - Butyl Bromide n - Amyl Bromide
iso - Amly Bromide iso - Amly Bromide
n - Hexyl Bromide n - Hepten Bromide
n - Octyl Bromide iso - Octyl Bromide
n - Decyl Bromide n - Cetyl Bromide
Organic & Inorganic Bromid Compound